Well-Balanced Life

As a Staffing Recruiter one desire that most of the people I speak with is a job with a company that promotes a work/life balance. But what exactly is work/life balance? How can we achieve such a thing when we are bombarded with deadlines, projects, bills, bills, and more bills?

For one, a balanced life begins in learning to say NO.

Say no to things that will stand in the way of your desire to have balance. NO to the nay-sayers, NO to the voices in your head that make you believe that your goals are unachievable. In short, it starts with the way we think. There needs to be a paradigm shift in our mind before we can actually start to have a balanced life. Once we do make that shift all other factors will fall in to place.

Here are quotes that we can ponder upon this week as we move to create a balanced-life.

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happy Monday and may the rest of your week be fruitful and enjoyable.

heather stillufesen take a leap

your happy blogger,
Chique xo

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